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“Whenever the phrase”

With the visual sentence “Whenever the phrase” Ioanna Myrka addresses the issue of language,
literacy and education though video, a series of drawings, interactive and non interactive installations,
paintings and performance. She comments on the diversity of communication, creates a new writing code
using symbols instead of words and paints the meaning of Japanese haiku poems.

The performance uses data from Peter Hantke' play “Caspar”.
Actor and director Nikos Tsergas plays Caspar, a man who having spent years in isolation enters the process
of education in a mature age. He challenges social conventions, criticizes normes such as "right" and "wrong"
and asks how the world would be if all the "musts" we set were different.

Direction: Ioanna Myrka
Performer: Nikos Tsergas
Set and costumes: Ioanna Myrka
Cello: Kostis Theos
Sound design: Kostas Vasilakos
Sound and lights: AUDIOSL


Shown in  Taf - The Art Foundation in 2010



Production 2009

"As the wind flows"

Mixed media on canvas 0.80x0.80cm

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