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"Turning twelve"

Grroup exhibition in private place in Athens 2006 curated by Margarita Kataga. 


"Chewing pink" print on paper 1.00x1.20 cm

"The other body"


Group exhibition in Eugenidio Planitarium Foundation in Athens 2004 curated by Costas Theonas.



"Piano dactylion"  print on film 0.40x1.00cm

"Fires under control"


Group exhibition in Athens Byzantine Museum under "Unbuild project" 2008.

Curated by Ioanna Myrka and Nicolas Anastasopoulos.



"Undo - Redo"

"I don t speak greek/non parlo italiano"

Workshop and exhibition with greek and italian artists in Lecce Italy 2005.






Workshop in Instabul - exhibition in RCA Rethimno Art Center 2005.


"Reformation" - "Feedback"


"Pret art porte"


Clothes designed by artists at DESTE Foundation in 1999.



Living with or without HIV

A poster for HIV ar Caravel Hotel in Athens

hiv 2019.jpg

"Water Democracy" 2019 / Tetartimorio at Byzantine Museum


"Suiside blond" 2019 at Greek France association

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